Chairman's Message



When Al-Majal Al-Arabi has begun before more than 23 years, it decided to follow the professional work when providing all its services to the Saudi market through adoption of scientific style and human experiences as basic tool for performance of service and commercial works. The ambition pushed us to reach the leadership. As we reach an accomplishment, our ambition pushes us to achieve more.

We have begun with the creative ideas to complete all aspects of the projects implementation until our works became real and talks about themselves and reveal the exerted efforts in professional honest and sincere way.

During 23 years by specialized companies, Al-Majal Al-Arabi managed to become one of the leading entities in implementation of major projects according to the latest international achievements in connection with the services or products by which the projects are implemented.

The implementation processes are carried out by group of the most talented and ambitious young Saudis who have the science, experience and ambition towards the continuous growth of the works of the group companies and its development to maintain its leadership on the kingdom land.

Our trends of investments diversity in Al-Majaal Al-Arabi Holding are result of the extensive studies of the sector and looking to complete aspects of its needs related to our works.

This granted Al-Majal Al-Arabi Holding the opportunity to integrate the services provided to the clients and led the integrated system that characterizes process of implementation of various contracts easily and professionally and to ensure quality of what provided and used in these projects. This was the reason of our strong presence in the Saudi market and trust of clients and various governmental sectors so that the logo of " Al-Majal Al-Arabi " became symbol of trust and confidence stemming from the actual success.

Our continuous efforts resulted in selection of Al-Majal Al-Arabi company as one of the top 100 company in the kingdom confirming stability of our steps with each achieved success in addition to record growth in terms of financial performance reflecting distinction, abilities and capabilities of the group and keeping up with the economic development of the kingdom and great shift of the infrastructure under the leadership of custodian of the two holy mosques, Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, may God protect him, and our wise government.

This allowed to open the way for the national projects to the national and international field to prove its worth and ability to compete in field of quality and excellence.

Our achievements did not stop as we are working for the continuous expansion in volume of our works and adding more specialization and internationality in performance. During 2013, we have launched regulatory and structural development processes and brought more national experts within developed system to lead the operations of the group and its companies and lead the major sectors of the group that include more than 21000 people.

They have proven their merit in their positions granting the businesses more flexibility and integration. Their abilities were clear in implementation of the works in record time according to international standards of quality.